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The Taste of Real Bread

Crumbs of Capel is a small bakery in the heart of the Surrey Weald.

All our bread is truly artisan (that is completely hand made) using where possible local and organic flour. The quality and freshness are unsurpassed. This guarantees quality and freshness of days-gone-by.

We make many traditional types of bread as well as quite a few styles from abroad. Being small means we’re flexible and we can bake small batches to order. If you don’t see what you looking for on our product pages, give us a ring and we can discuss your special requirements.

We cater for farm shops, food stalls, pubs, weddings and other special occasions. Why not use the form on the contact us page to enquire?

Real Bread: This term and its logo (top right) can be used by members of the ‘Real Bread Campaign‘. Find out more by clicking on the link.

Try for yourself: smell what real bread is!