About Us

Crumbs of Capel launched early in 2010. We had already been contemplating starting a bakery for some time. During the cold snap early in the year the local shop rang to ask whether we could start supply ‘now’ as their customary supplier could not get through the snow to deliver.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength, extending our range of bread as we grew. Even though we are currently not advertising, the business receives frequent enquiries from local establishments such as farm shops, food markets, pubs and catering organisers. Those who taste it recognise the quality.

Although we need to make a profit, we aim for quality and exclusivity in order to maintain the loyalty of those customers who helped to get us started.

This means that our supply is limited: The bread we make is truly artisan with every loaf kneaded and shaped manually and there is only so much a (wo)man can knead in a day.