Course #2: Soda & Sourdough

Making sourdough bread is a very drawn-out process (but not fussy or time consuming) and therefore it’s impossible to actually do it all in one evening. Instead all the stages of sourdough bread will be available to sample and smell with a batch of dough for everyone to shape and bake on the night. Every stage will be discussed and those who are keen can bring a closable box and make their own sourdough starter to take home.

Soda bread is in many ways the opposite of sourdough: quick but trickier to get right. After a brief explanation each participant will make their own soda bread to take home.

All ingredients will be provided and there will be notes and recipes to take home, including guidelines on how to keep a sourdough to fit your lifestyle.

No previous experience is required for this workshop but basic knowledge of ordinary bread making helps