Daily Bread

Wholemeal wheat loaf (600 g)
Whole Meal LoafMade with Dove’s pure organic stone ground wholemeal flour, this is the most nourishing of our breads. Lovely eaten fresh with butter and jam but unbeatable as toast when a day or two old.

White wheat loaf (600 g)
White LoafMade with Dove’s pure unbleached organic wheat flour, this is a very tasty white bread. Great for sandwiches and toast.

Brown wheat loaf (600 g)
Brown LoafHalf Wholemeal and half white (but all organic), some would say this is the best of both worlds: all the flavour of wholemeal with all the bread quality of white.

Seeded loaf (600 g)
Seeded LoafIn essence this is a brown loaf covered in seeds (linseed, poppy seed, sunflower seed and sesame seed) before baking giving it a roasted seed flavour on top of the brown bread qualities.

Wholemeal spelt loaf (600 g)
Whole Meal Spelt LoafOur signature loaf, made with organic spelt flour, this is a simple flavoursome bread. Those who are wheat intolerant find this a more easily digestible bread.

Marbled loaf (600 g)
Whole Meal Sourdough LoafMade using our home developed yeast culture. The only ingredients are wholemeal spelt mill flour, water and salt. Is rapidly becoming a very popular choice.

Rolls (50 or 100 g)
Assorted Bread RollsWe offer a wide range of pre-baked or ready made rolls. Tried and tested are plain white, poppy knot rolls, sesame buns, plain brown, plain wholemeal, brown sunflower seed and brown oat flake but the possibilities are endless. Particularly suitable for catering, Sunday brunch, lunch boxes and unexpected guests.